The Letus Helix 3-axis Electronic Stabilization System is a cost effective stabilisation on various moving platforms, such as tracking vehicles, helicopters, boats, etc. It is also a cost effective alternative to Steadicam as well as providing exciting and creative new camera moves.

The Helix is more than capable of working with Red Epic Dragon cameras and Sony F55 cameras and is quick and easy to set up and balance unlike most other gimbal solutions out there. It is capable of supporting a camera package of up to 9kg.


Balancing is a Breeze
Ask a traditional helicopter camera gimbal operator to change a lens mid shoot and watch them cringe. Not so with Helix. Re-balancing the Helix after a lens changes is simply a matter of sliding a single axis forward or back. You can be back up and running without missing a beat.
Flat Bottom Design
Call us crazy but we don’t think you should have to carry around a special rig to hang your stabilizer up. You should be able to just set it down! Because we designed Helix from the ground up rather than the sky down, it has a flat bottom. Simply set it down and, viola, it sits there calmly waiting for the next shot.
One, two, or three axis. It’s your choice! The Helix system can be built up or torn down to accommodate your needs. Use one axis on top of a SteadiCam for an auto-horizon solution. Switch to a three axis setup to go full handheld. The choice is yours.
Production Proof
In a real production environment, you need a bullet proof design. We carefully designed the Helix to be a clean, ready-to-use rig that didn’t have wires dangling about and awkward, non-standard powering solutions.
Designed for Film Makers
From day one the Helix was designed for film makers. It is not a re-purposed design with fragments from the RC helicopter world still clinging to the frame. It is designed to be easily utilized without adding to an already complex film making workflow.
Letus Backed
We’ve been around for a long time. Since the 35mm adapter days, Letus has continued to build and support quality products for the film industry. We are an established company familiar with the industry not a fly-by-night start up looking to make a quick buck. The Letus name means you’ll have the backing of a company who is committed to your success as a film maker.

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