Strummer DNA

Introducing Strummer, a revolutionary matte box. Designed for high-end studio productions, the Strummer is the professional’s choice. The swing-away feature allows for fast and easy lens changes so you have more time to focus on what’s important. The quick release filter stages can be added or removed in seconds so you won’t have to wait around or carry a spare matte box. Add as many stages as you need, or remove them to improve exceptional depth of field. Filter stages rotate through 360 degrees so you can set your ND grads in the right position, or adjust your polarizer to the perfect angle.

Remote and dusty locations aren’t a problem as dust and dirt can be easily removed without special tools. It’s no problem if a huge lens turns up on set. Simply switch to the 6×6 back plate for lenses as big as the Optimo 24-290. With fully adjustable flags you can get the best out of your lenses by protecting them from stray light.

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