Taking lightweight to the limit.

To create the lightest matte box possible, we stripped it down to the core. Almost weightless, Misfit ATOM gives you more possibilities than
ever before. Designed with gimbals and Steadicam in mind, it’s exceptionally small, light, and affordable too.

The Misfit ATOM weighs just 98g without the shade, and 195g with it. That’s less than a quarter the weight of a standard Misfit or LMB25.

The lightest Mattebox in the market just got heavier on features. The custom built carbon fibre top flag gives your Misfit ATOM better light control and helps improve contrast and resolution. The top flag is easily retractable for use with or without the shade and barely adds any weight
to your kit.

The tray less filter holder allows you to load filters directly into the core, keeping weight to an absolute minimum. You can still tilt filters for total flare control. You can use one or two filters. Either 4×4 or 4×5.65, or even a combination of both.

Why put up with unwanted filter reflections? You don’t have to, and with Misfit ATOM, it couldn’t be easier to remove them. Simply place the filters in the diagonal position and the problem is gone.

You can rod-mount to 15mm LWS, 15mm and 19mm studio rods, and it’s comparable with many Misfit accessories.