All of our Red One cameras come with upgraded Mysterium X sensors, delivering an impressive 13.5 stops of dynamic range with native Exposure Index (ASA) of 800. This sensor if very flexible and excels both under Tungsten and Daylight sources, and is highly capable of rendering clean, beautiful images in low light and high contrast situations.

At up to 30 fps, the Red One shoots 4k resolution, which is over 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD. This gives you room to crop and reframe in post, as well as the cleanest possible HD or SD finish. The camera can be over-cranked to 120fps in 2k recording.

Our packages come fully kitted with many useful extras that you will find excluded from many Red rental kits, such as the Origo remote stop-start triggers with 30 meter cables, Element Technica rain covers, hot-swap battery modules and isolation drive mounts. They also come standard with Arri-style baseplates making them fully compatible with existing grips gear and all the cables that you need to run camera accessories.

The Red One Camera includes the following:
Red One Camera Body MYSTERIUM X
2 Red Drives 320GB
3 Red Compact Flash Cards 8GB
4 Red V-Mount Batteries
2 Red Battery Chargers
1 Red Electronic View Finder
1 Red 5.6″ LCD
Base Production pack
Universal Mounts
Top Handle Extension
Top Mount
Red Drive eSATA cable
Element Technica Breakout Box
12″ Rods
18″ Rods
24″ Rods
Rain cover
Origo Start Stop
Switronix hot swappable battery plate
Arctic Butterfly sensor cleaner, Sensor Swabs

The Data Asset Manager equipment:
MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz with 4GB RAM, Final Cut Studio 2 and Red Software
1 x eSATA express34 card
1 x UPS

Optional Extras:
Mobile Rocket for on-set transcoding to any format
HD to SD downconverter
Schneider 6.6″ x 6.6″ Trucut IR filter
Redrock Micro Swing Away Matte Box 4×5.6″

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