The first affordable truly high-end Full Frame T1.5 Cinema Prime Lens set. Celere HS lenses have a Vario-Mount System which currently includes a PL  and an EF-Mount. The lenses cost €16,560.00 for the core set made up of 25mm, 36mm, 50mm and 85mm (price subject to change). The Celere HS 18.5mm T1.5 will be available soon. These lenses all cover the new Helium 8K sensor from RED.


Imperial barrel markings that are both large and evenly-spaced and glow-in-the-dark witness markings.


The net diffusion look is now easier with Celere lenses due to the threaded back locking ring.


Celere prime lenses are the same weight (each 1050 grams) and the same diameter (90 mm).

  • Affordable high-end quality
  • Has a Leica look with a little more contrast like a Cooke lens
  • Has more of a Leica housing feel
  • Has an Ultra Prime Flare
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle, no bulky lens housings!
  • Beautiful skin tones
  • Pleasing out-of-focus textures and highlights
  • Rich, vibrant images with sharpness and a good contrast
  • Gorgeous soft Bokeh
  • Color matched
  • 6k lenses
  • Perfect lenses for fast moving productions
  • All lenses have the same weight
  • All lenses have the same fronts
  • All lenses currently available in PL-mount and EF-mount.
  • Minimal breathing
  • All accessories stay in the same position
  • Unified eight-leaf iris module, just like the Leica Summicron-C, Cooke S4’s and Cooke S4 mini’s (Cooke S5’s use 7-leaf, Master & Ultra Primes use 9-leaf)
  • Celere lenses have almost no visible geometric distortion with consistent image quality from center to edge of lens.
  • Easily serviceable modular design
  • High quality Full Metal Jackets! Durable robust metal housings.
  • Manual focus
  • Smooth, accurate focus-pulling
  • Built to last design
  • Illuminating precise focus markings
  • Focus scales available in metric and imperial
  • Dual focus markings to be read from both sides
  • Shim kits available for Collimating
  • Internal focusing lens, the overall length of the lens remains the same when rack focusing
  • Built for S35 sensors but will cover up to Full Frame Sensors with no Vignetting
  • 250 degree focus markings (nearly same as Cooke S5 and many Cooke S4’s and some Ultra Primes which all have 270 degree), this kind of rotation for your AC will make a huge difference!
  • Perfect for high speed cameras
  • All lenses are bright and fast (in Latin, this is called Celere), have a T1.5 stop, high speeds for low light scenes
  • Virtually Focus Shift free
  • Great close focus quality
  • High quality specially made front and rear lens caps
  • Custom cases with laser cut foam
  • Tested in minus 20 degree Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) and at plus 45 degree Celsius (113 Fahrenheit)
  • Made in Germany

Lens Specifications

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